Iva Ivanova

Started as a Wedding host in the beggining of her career. Later on her love for music sends her on 4 continents as solo performer and lead singer of a lot of bands. As we know - first love lasts forever, so we are proud to introduce to you: Iva Ivanova!

Her impeccable stage presence, her bright smile, as well as her wonderful talent, garantees you one amazing wedding host and talanted singer.

2 in 1 - the expectedly good combination!

Iva's years of experience outside of the Bulgarian borders and her communication with lots of people from different countries, makes her the perfect choice for international weddings. She's fluent in English and French language. 

Tender and romantic in the ceremonies, bright and individual in her approach as a host, compelling and explosive as a singer... Ladies and gentlemen - Iva Ivanova!