Hello my love! …

or what dreams turn us into

This is a first-person account of the things that are sure to happen to you as you prepare for the official start of your “couple” operation.

Long live the wedding party!

Women have been dreaming of this event since they were fragile children. Men usually do not have such dreams. Add to that the total lack of experience… Did you imagine that you were a participant in an extreme adventure?

What is good to remember if you want to be the same happy people in love with each other in front of the altar?

Let’s approach pragmatically.

You know “the most important thing number 1” – the choice of venue for the ceremony and the gala dinner and “the most important thing number 2” – the choice of wedding agency. Choose what you think you deserve without compromising.

As experienced professionals with thousands of weddings behind them, we will challenge you with “the most important thing number 3” – to be psychologically prepared for what will happen to you, at least theoretically.

Make yourself hot chocolate and read.

Women want, men perform!

Men, even for things that you consider completely unnecessary, it is good to be lenient. The sooner you get used to this condition, the easier it will be to communicate during the wedding preparations.

Avoid imperative sentences that start with “You why …” and “That’s what it’s for,” especially if you raise your voice and change your mind to reinforce the situation. Believe me – it is better to avoid matches from which even if you emerge victorious you will not be happy.

There is no male or female work.

Wedding preparation is your first adventure in life, which you will accomplish as a couple. Distribute tasks and commitments according to your abilities and interests. Don’t take more than you can handle just because something has to be done. This will tire and demotivate you.

Keep your promises!

No matter how tender you were at the time of giving them and that you no longer think so. Applies to both sexes. If the groom has agreed to include in the wedding budget the sewing of the ten bridesmaid dresses, he does so with a generous expression. If the bride has said “yes” to the bachelor party, without the prior approval of the program – she grits her teeth and is careful not to show it.

The main character

No matter how hard he tried to have a body relief and a fashion dress code for the wedding, now is not the time for the groom to shine! It is aesthetic and gentlemanly to be content with a supporting role. The wedding day is her day and she is the star! And the applause is for her.

There are impossible things!

There are things that do not suit your celebration. Things that don’t work for your style or give confusing messages. Something like… the perfect wine in the wrong glass.

The enthusiastic groom

Strange as it may seem to you, men are always infected by the general enthusiasm. The problem is in the dose. It seems strange when the bride silently experiences the enthusiasm of her future husband as he discusses colors and shapes – something that is presumably incompatible with the brain functions of the sons of Mars. Men, do not think that your giving the cause in large doses will make her happy, on the contrary – it can make her doubt your sincerity. Be true to your messages at all times.

Admit that you don’t know.

No matter how confident you were in the beginning, somewhere on the way to the wedding you will experience moments of doubt whether you will cope with everything. To control these almost panic attacks, it is good to have people on your side for whom this is a profession.

This will free your senses and soul for the most important thing – a happy experience, an unforgettable holiday.

Internet bride.

Being informed does not mean accepting everything written on the Internet as authentic. Try to form an opinion not from forums, but from personal contact. The wedding is above all an experience, not just a vision. Sometimes you don’t have to stare at the details, but watch the long pass, as the perfect Jose Mourinho would say. Who is Mourinho – here, women will now search the Internet again, right?

Stop in time

If you have already chosen a place, a dress, a wedding agent – stop looking for more. Work towards getting the best out of your choices, not looking for alternatives. This will confuse you. It will make you feel distrustful and will inevitably leave you disappointed.

There are no mandatory things

Feel free to do only what you like. There are no mandatory elements, except perhaps the signing of the marriage certificate. After the wedding, you will only regret one thing – that you had a little fun or that you were too stressed to indulge in happiness.

No, you wouldn’t be able to do it alone!

In the end, we are all more confident from the beginning. Especially when the result is perfect. Remember that he is like that, precisely because you have chosen the right people to carry out the preparation and the celebration itself. Be grateful, even before you see the end result. This type of motivating behavior on your part will have a great effect on you. Try it!