The Master of Ceremonie’s super power is that of the spoken word. This is a mainstay and the ultimate prerequisite if you are to be a Pertito Wedding Host. We however always use this ability to bring people together and make all ends meet, by being the connecting and driving force between all important players on the night : this means checking up on the parents, best man and maid of honour, DJ, restaurant staff, video and special effects / programme teams to ensure the smooth running of your event. This role is crucial so you can relax in good hands; our hosts are always prepared for the unexpected and think quick on their feet – should they need to!

What else does the host do ? Let’s see… they’ll prepare the whole evening scenario with you, meet many times prior to the day of, keeps track of time, coordinates, greets and welcomes guests to their places, keeps inventory – checks and knows where the special props are for the ceremony. Keeps an ear and an eye out to ensure that the music and the lighting is ideal for the current stage of the wedding – don’t worry no Rammstein during dinner time! Maintains (if needed) the beautifully layed out decoration, improvises, instructs and animates your guests. We aren’t offering you just any kind of host – we’re offering you an attention to detail, quality assuring confident and charismatic machine to help guide the event to its rightful destination – with no speedbumps along the road! Here are our MCs:

Hristo Dimitrov - Tito
Iva Ivanova
Antoniya Georgieva
Boyan Stoyanov
Vesi & Krasi
Evgeniya Vasileva
Julias Celestine
Victor Vasilev
Mariya Bazikova

Host with bulgarian and russian.

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