Pertito Wedding agency is ready to work with you face to face or remotely! This wonderful adventure knocking on your door may require you to start from scratch, but our experienced team is there for you to help you organise every detail of your special occasion remotely!

We have amassed years upon years of experience organising events in Bulgaria remotely and taking care of many tasks and arrangements on behalf of our clients. With us, you have the peace of mind that you are in good hands and all work will be taken care of.

We can help you choose your desired location and organise vendors and transport for all required equipment based on your needs. We get in touch with all points of contact in order to run your event as smoothly as possible. We speak openly and open-mindedly with you, taking into account your budget, schedule and logistical needs.

We provide you with the best options; this way we minimize risk and guarantee an all-round quality service.

The biggest satisfaction for us and our customer is shared; once the long time of organising and coordinating and obsessing over each detail (leave that to us) brings forth a successful dream event as the fruit of our labour.

Pertito wedding agency has served customers from USA, China, Russia, India, the UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Argentina, Dubai, Turkey, Romania, Lithuania, Iran, Greece and Malta.

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