Your textile of choice is not simply dictated by your favorite colour – based on your needs, the correct use and collaboration of fabrics and shapes can transform any given into chic, cozy, beautiful or classy environment.

In the context of the wedding celebration textile is:

– Dressing the ceiling and walls of the wedding hall (lining);
– Strips for chairs (satin, lace, organza, tulle);
– Chair covers in different colours;
– Bridal tablecloths and guest tables;
– Bridal table draperies;
– Textile “back” for a bridal table;
– Stretch for cocktail and catering tables;
– Colour-coded napkins and table runners.

Wedding agency PERTITO has textiles in sufficient quantities in different colours, sizes and fabrics.

The textile is rented out, and the client has no commitment to arranging, storing or returning it – we’ll take care of it for you!

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