The wedding – an event planned in the future and with plural importance.

This article is about all the upcoming happy events, written based on past experiences.

When you read this, it means that you have made your first successful choice – that of a PARTNER!

The big day is the personification of both of you and will leave its mark in the hearts of all who will share it with you.

Guided by the principle that Love can be expressed in a few but well-chosen words, we will focus on the three most basic steps in its organization:

Choice of location – a place that brings together all your ideas of comfort, good cuisine and impressive views. A place where you and your guests will have the luxury of privacy without being deprived of entertainment in the days around the wedding.

Creating an Atmosphere – all those components that give the feeling of uniqueness of your day, written in your handwriting. Decoration and lighting, music – chosen according to your criteria. Food and drinks – an exclusive choice to your taste.

What has been said so far is undeniably important, but we all know that the real atmosphere in an event is created by the people in it. Firstly you make this event unique as the reason to bring everyone together, you then may want to look out for your perfect team selection – Host, DJ and a wedding coordinator.

These are the people who will be closest to you in preparation, as well as in the day itself. Their choice is extremely important and personal, because they will perform on your behalf and based on your taste having prepared and planned every detail of your day of program.

They will convey your energy charge to the guests, whilst communicating with them in their mother tongue. They will go over and beyond for you and respond to spontaneous situations. The host and the DJ will be the choice that comes closest to your idea of perfectly expressed emotions.

Pertito Agency – we speak the same language!

NB! Pertito Agency is the only event agency in Bulgaria that provides its clients with multilingual teams (Hosts and DJs) in the five most spoken languages in the world (English, Spanish, French, German and Russian).