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Wedding ceremony

Even though the marriage ceremony by "Pertito", has no legal basis, it is an emotional experience, as it is created and drawn especially for you. All the details, including the music will be carefully selected, and witnesses, Bridesmaids and Groom's mates you'd like to involve in it.
If your wedding is multicultural, the ceremony will be bilingual ( Bulgarian- English, French, Spanish, Russian ) - with no interpreter needed.

This is the beginning of every wedding. The families and guests are gathering exactly because of the moment, when you will promise each other an eternity - in the presence of your closest ones.

This ceremony will be romantic, exciting - will be all tears of joy, because it is a part of you - full of memories and the faith that the best is about to come in your lives.

This is not " fake" ceremony, as your Love couldn't be fake. And exactly this part of the day, loads the air with positive vibrations. It is so real, as the real is your story as a couple and the belief that the steps you make on this day, will walk you to a new stage which turns "ME" to "US" !