Organising wedding events is our expertise.

Day in and day out we are faced with and find answers to a variety of challenges and success criteria. This gives us the confidence that we deserve our customers’ trust. Modern life’s pace requires fast and effective action – be practical, don’t lose yourself in searching! Choose us!

The customer decides what they want and we take care of the details! It surprises us how many times over in forums we read the frequently asked question : “What would you change, if you had to organise your wedding event again from scratch?” The answer is unanimously: “I would have counted on a wedding agency.

Here’s an example: you already have friends or acquaintances and have arranged an MC and DJ, and the honour of coordinating your wedding day falls upon the maid of honour’s shoulders (poor soul). It is very likely that this will be the first time that you are having these people meet – and requiring to work as a team. Perhaps you never did take into account how they would work in tandem and what difficulties might crop up?

We know the typical pitfalls in communication and working as a team that one must avoid at all costs. If not, unfortunately a failure on each person’s part may and almost always reflects on the wedding couple. Hiring a wedding agency does not just mean having fancy decoration, it is a matter of having people with the experience and organisation so as to guarantee the success of your special day. Leave it to us and watch us make all of this look easy!

The organisational process entails communicating with the newlyweds, guests, on-site team, hired team, decorators and more. We start taking inventory from our first meeting, and proceed to update our extensive checklist to ensure all systems are go when it is time to execute the smooth running on the day of your dreams. Here are some examples of the many aspects we can help you with:
– Choosing your wedding location
– Choosing the perfect DJ & MC tandem and wedding programme
– Organising the required rituals
– Options between indoor / outdoor and church wedding ceremonies
– Recommendations : florist, photographer, videographer, hair & make-up artists, stylist.
– Recommendations & degustation for the wedding menu, cake and catering
– Logistics; transporting guests before, during and after the wedding event.
– Creation and supply of unique arts and crafts decoration complimenting props

Mix and match any or all of these services based on your needs!
Is there anything else you specifically require? Feel free to share your ideas with us!

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Wedding Day Organisation - Пертито
Wedding Day Organisation - Пертито

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